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Auricchio’s production capacity is characterized by flexibility and versatility in meeting different demands in the line of artifacts related to extrusion, rolling, and lead and tin alloys, with strict control of the raw material from its source.

Auricchio Factory produces a variety of tin anodes, solder stick, tin powder, cerrobend alloy, wires and tubes, lead sheet, Babbitt Metal, lead bricks, besides packing of equipment.

In its production line, Auricchio has furnaces of several sizes and enough stock which enables the substantial increase in production in a short period to meet different demands.

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  • Estrada Mauro Auricchio, 1501
  • Taboão - Mogi das Cruzes (SP)
  • CEP: 08776-850
  • Tel: +55 (11) 2500-1000
  • Endereço de correspondência
  • Cx. Postal 300 - CEP: 08780-970